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Our History

Pegasus Towers and Highland Towers have combined resources to create Apex Towers. We have been working in wireless communications for over 20 years and have built hundreds of towers across the country with our focus on the Mid-Atlantic region. What makes us different? Our size allows us to be nimble and flexible - when you work with Apex, our senior management team will be involved with all aspects of your project which leads to a more timely and efficient process for our partners.

Whether you are looking for expanded cell coverage or in-fill capacity sites, our team has extensive experience working with communities, municipalities and wireless carriers to find the tower location which meets the communities needs. We have worked across a wide range of zoning and permitting jurisdictions. In the more rural areas, we work with landowners to identify the best way to construct in mountainous conditions.

Apex works with the leading wireless carriers in the industry. We have strong relationships with regional offices in the Mid-Atlantic, South-East and Mid-West.

Our Team Leaders

David B. McClure, President

David leads our Apex team and has worked in the wireless industry since 2000. He has developed, constructed and managed hundreds of tower sites over the past 15 years. David is a licensed contractor and oversees all aspects of Apex Towers operations. Prior to joining the wireless industry, he spent nearly 15 years auditing and consulting with the international accounting firm of Ernst & Young.

Craig N. Clifton, Senior Vice President

Craig has over 15 years of experience working in the wireless industry and is a licensed General Contractor and military veteran. Craig is responsible for the procurement and full development of our tower sites. He is an expert in site acquisition, project management/procurement and construction - he has successfully built hundreds of towers in some of the most restrictive zoning/permitting environments nationwide.


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